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 The Norfolk Candle Company website, we have tried to create a website, that is more than just a store, by including a detailed candle making resource, including download material, 
we hope you find our website of value and interest, if you have any queries or notice an error please drop us a line to let us know. 

Its fast approaching Summer  2016, and again would like to thank all our visitors and customers, again in excess of 40,000 unique visitors during 2015, visitors whom either visited our website or purchased from our webstore, in our 7th year selling online, and 26th year of trading, our success we believe, is down twenty six years of learning our craft, having made thousands of candles for both direct sale or bespoke resellers, this experience gives us an unprecedented knowledge of our trade.

In the twenty Six years since starting the Norfolk Candle Company, our main claim to fame as a candle maker is still mainly in the "Encyclopedia of Candle Making Techniques" written by Sandie Lea, where you will find several references, photographs and techniques demonstrated by myself for the publication, this book is still recognised, as one of the leading candlemaking books available today, and you will notice if you try to purchase a copy, is still very expensive, but very valid with its content. 

Over the years, we have made many candles for high profile buyers , including such places as the Downton Abbey Gift Shop,  we have even shipped homemade scented candles to Buckingham Palace, reinforcing our position in the candle making industry, along with helping hundreds of people into the candle making hobby, we are recognised as a serious candle company. 
Our online store, is attached to this website, we are not the cheapest supplier out there, but we are confident in the knowledge that our experience far surpasses that of many online sellers, unfortunately the internet has given rise to many sellers whom portray themselves as experts, mostly, after selling on Ebay, but whom in reality, just undercut prices to realise a business model and cannot offer the support beginners need.

We have however, we believe, offered our Candles, Candlemaking materials, accessories and giftware, at affordable prices, we believe Luxury should be affordable and aim to provide quality products, which can be given reliably as a gift to your friends and family, but still at sensible, but realistic prices.
If you cannot find what you want on this site, or if you have a favourite candle or wax melt fragrance, that is not listed, please contact us and we shall endeavour to help you. 

For those just embarking on their venture into candle making, we have included tips and information of "How To" , information on "What not to do" and hopefully giving an insight into answering those many questions on how to make your first candle, and wish you luck.

During the course of the year we get hundreds of phone calls seeking assistance and thousands of emails, so please be patient if contacting us, if you cannot reach us first time, we always respond to emails, so this would be the best way to contact us.





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