About Us

We are a supplier of Candles, Candle making materials, Candle accessories  & Candle Gift ware, The Norfolk Candle company was originally founded in January 1990 to offer a range of handmade candles and candle accessories, 100% of our wares were then sold through craft fairs, fetes and other such organised events, such as the Royal Norfolk Show. Today as we move through 2018 , we are owned and operated by Pastimes Ltd trading mainly as an internet supplier of Pastimes and Hobby materials, including all things candles, together with a bespoke candle making service for gift stores and spas etc, and supplying trade wholesale to restaurants and businesses. 
In the nineties, the market was without the myriad of candle suppliers and manufacturers we have today, the internet was a new gadget, yet to catch on, and everything was handmade to order, with 90% of candles sold to just a local audiences, mostly at craft fairs and fetes, very few shops carried stock or had access to the huge array of candles and accessories, that are available today.Worldwide the candle industry is now a billion dollar industry.

However, following a decade of far eastern, machine manufactured candles flooding the market, once again handmade, (I am pleased to say) that individually prepared candles are the customers requirements, with the accent on quality again, with traceable origins and a environmentally friendly footprint, candle making has undergone an enormous change and is now one of the most popular and rewarding hobbies worldwide.
There are now hundreds of new candle makers, and with them hundreds of Candle making material suppliers have popped up, some stay the course , but many disappear after a couple of years, which makes the market difficult for those of us, for which it is not just a passing phase.

Most candle supply companies, have never made a candle, decorated candles or offer a complete supply of candlesticks, accessories or displays, but we have always offered a diverse range of products.
We offer in our web store a wide range of:
  • Candles
  • Candlesticks
  • Craft & Candle Making Supplies
  • Oils & Fragrances
  • Home & Garden gifts 
  • Oil Burners & Oil Burner Tablets
  • Accessories

We mainly sell direct to the public and to some trade, businesses can apply for trade discount code to be used at the checkout on trade products


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