We are all aware that Candles conjure up all sorts of feelings, relaxation, ambience , perfumes, enjoyment of utter peace and calm, remembrance, christmas, enjoyment of warm soft glowing lights and times spent enjoying a meal with that someone special or at special times of celebrations.
Candlemaking can be both rewarding and therapeutic, and as seen in some of the other pages of this site, they become things of beauty, and the ideal way to decorate your house or your dining table, and particularly nice to give as gifts.
I hope the subjects and contents throughout this website, will illuminate your knowledge of candles, improve or start your candlemaking techniques and show what can be achieved simply with some essential oils and some wax.
Follow your own style, candles can be made in all styles and formats, from the elegant, through beautiful to the practical and on to the rustic, if you want to decorate a candle with glass beads, go ahead, as long as basic rules of making candles and safety rules are followed, you will end up with a decorative object that is something you like.
The sub page links listed below cover the history, thro making your own, to Tips of the Trade and I hope you see how much pleasure can be obtained from such a simple device, once tried , I am sure you will be hooked and want to take your skills on and on.