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Bespoke Candles

The Norfolk Candle company provides a comprehensive range of services, which includes the manufacture of Bespoke candles for Trade and Retail Businesses, these are badged with the clients own branding and labelling.

NB. Due to additional requirements of labelling to meet the new CLP regulations this service is currently suspended for new customers
These can be Hand Poured Soy Wax, made with Essential oils to produce an all natural candle with all the references of being environmentally friendly and fair trade traceable and sustainable sources. Alternatively for a longer shelf life and less susceptible to wet spot, can also be made from container, professional blend paraffin wax, a specially prepared paraffin wax giving superior storage & shelf life

Courtesy of Highclere Castle ( Downton Abbey )

Manufacture is primarily Tumbler style glass, using Libbey Glass Chicago 30cL tumblers, however all glassware is available for producing candles in Lidded Jars or Bowls, with multiple wicking if required.
Candle Boxes and label printing can be provided, but can involves minimum order levels of 50+ units, depending on the label/box specifications
For Enquiries please advise quantities required, fragrance required, container style, are silver lids or covers required, will you be providing your own labels and boxes.
As Soy wax is a natural product, we always recommend that larger requirements are split into smaller consignments to keep the product fresh and multiple or call off orders of 4-6 dozen per shipment are recommended.

Like most companies our preference for container candles is mineral container wax, we use chandler grey Pro C or similar which has a low melting point of around 40-45 Celcius, which with our specially made container wicks, with a cotton core, for high tempertaure burning, allows us to obtain a full diameter melt pool after 60 minutes burn time, thereby producing a excellent scent throw. 

Couple this with a good quality fragrance oil that is not made of alcohol, then you have the makings of a excellent scented candle, something which appears to elude many candlemakers, regardless of what they pay for the fragrance oils.

We have access to thousands of fragrance oils, so it is important to give us some idea of preferences, in the absence of fragrance details we can offer the following inhouse fragrances, which are made especially and only for the Norfolk Candle Company, these are listed below and are blend of synthetic and essentials oils produced solely for candle making. We shall be producing mini candle testers of these fragrances and making them available in our webstore allowing customers to try a sample before placing larger orders. Prices beside fragrance are unit costs Exc Vat for 30cl Chicago, 45 hour burn approx with standard Pro C wax with 5% ratio of fragrance oil , based on order of 50 units minimum, In addition shall be costs for own label, boxes, higher oil content and lids if required, plus shipping and delivery charges. Standard Delivery Schedule approx 6 weeks, except for October November and December , which is subject to confirmation.

PF 76556 - CORIANDER & LEMON - £4-25
Opening with sparkling citrus top notes of lemon, grapefruit and tamarind
heightened with eucalytus and mint, leading into a heart of delicate flora
blended with aromatic coriander backed with basil and creamy vetivert and
warmed with spicy nutmeg.

PF 76557 - WILD FIG & ALMOND - £4-30
Fruity top notes of cassis are blended with a plethora of subtle florals
including watery green jasmine, rose and white lilies with a nuance of almond,
backed with vetivert, cedarwood and patchouli enfolded in sheer musks.

Fresh citrus top notes of green mandarin, bergamot, lemon and orange with an
aromatic heart of crisp basil, coriander and rosemary, a twist of dill and
aniseed softened with watery jasmine and muguet with a base of rich patchouli
and transparent musks.

PF 76559 - TUSCAN LIME & VETIVERT - £5-50         
Sophisticated citrus floral blending sparkling citrus top notes of lime into a
floral heart of lilac, geranium and white flowers supported with herbal notes
of lavender and rosemary on a woody base of patchouli, sandalwood, moss, amber
and musks.

PF 76560 - HONEYSUCKLE & CUT GRASS - £4-95
Green, leafy top notes of cut grass and fresh crushed herbs, blended with
citrus tones of bergamot and lemon peel. Green, floral heart of honeysuckle,
bluebell and wild flowers with a soft haze of English lavender. Soft, powdery,
earthy base notes with musk and amber.

PF 76561 - CYPRESS & OLIVE - £5-15
Fresh, citrus, aromatic top notes of cypress and bergamot rounded with a hint
of white florals, with spiky pine needle oil, cypress oil giving the
impression of fresh juicy olives, and rooted with cedarwood and patchouli.

Please use the contact page on this site for all enquiries                                     Photos Courtesy & Thanks to Charlotte & Co (  ) and Lord & Lady Caernavon Highclere Castle