Equipment Needed

Practically all the equipment you need for candle making can be found in the kitchen, listed below are the essentials
1. Thermometer ( up to 110 Celcius)
2. Double Boiler saucepan ( never melt wax directly, use a double boiler with water providing the heat to the wax)
3. Weighing scales ( it goes without saying that to acheive ratio of additives you need to weigh the product before mixing)
4. Measuring Jug ( to measure the capacity of the mould use the jug and fill mould with water)
5. Wicking Needles ( usefull for threading wicks into moulds)
6. Washing up Bowl ( Usefull to speed up cooling of moulds)
7. Heat ( An ordinary cooker ring is ideal to melt your wax in your Double boiler)  
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