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There are many techniques, from which you can make your own candles and also add a bit of Artistic endeavour, rather than just pouring hot wax into a container, some are listed below and I have provided individual sub pages, at the bottom of this page from which instructions and methods can be found.
Techniques normally distinguish one candle maker from another , which I have tried to show with pictures, for instance look at the picture on the right, with candles from a famous german family candlemaker,Jakob Fleugel, with modern hand decoration, rounded edges and spheres candles, all with a high gloss finish, whereas the picture on the left from another famous german manufacture who makes 100% stearin candles in architectural columns and shapes, such as these upside down candles from Amabiente
Please see the Techniques Below to choose your style of candlemaking and to get an idea of what can be done with wax and moulds;
1.  Molded Candles
2.  Rolled Candles
3.  Scented Candles
4.  Container Candles
5.  Water Candles
6.  Pour In Pour Out Candles
7.  Sand Candles
8.  Floating candles
9.  Chunk Candles
10.Garden Candles
11. Decorated Candles
If you require further details or have problems during making them, please contact us and we will endeavour to help solve your problem.