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Decorated Candles

Candle decorating comes in hundreds of forms but non so rewarding as doing it yourself, you can buy blank candles , either in white wax or overdipped to the colour you require, and then apply the medium which you like to adorn the candle .
Candle decoration is available in dozens of forms, applique is the art of cutting out thin wax sheets into shapes and pressing them onto the candle, some applique wax is quite thick, but there are some companies whom produce wax foils just a mm or two thick in various colours, as shown by the example on the left using wax foils from Stockmar or Kars of germany.
Personalised candles can be made using water slide decals, these are obtainable in hundreds of different designs from butterflies to animals to boats, planes and cars, they come in all shapes and sizes froms companies such as waterslide transfers .com.
You can make your own decals, add a photograph or a personal message and add them like any waterslide transfer, by purchasing special Decal paper either for inkjet printers or laser printers. Note; The paper for laser printers is better, because you do not have to seal in the image, this would run when put into the water , if you use inkjet printing and do not seal the image with a proprietary waterproofing spray.
Another way to decorate a candle and again ideal for children is to use Candle Pens, these are special pens with coloured wax, which you can write onto candle blanks as shown by the pictures below. The Tixx Candle pens are available in 5 colours.
Instead of Decals or wax folis you could just decorate by hand using poster paints, if mixed with a small amount of fairy liquid, you can paint whatever you want on the blank candle, or if you have a blank moulded candle such as a christmas pudding you can paint the white blank in realistic colours, without having to use different coloured waxes.
Decoration could be by using a glitter paint or by applying glue and attaching loose glitter, for instance you could have green christmas tree blank and paint on dots of glue as christmas baubels and colour them with different glitter powders.
Decoration could comprise of embedding objects within the wax, this is particulary popular when making hurricane candles and embedding flowers and objects into teh outer hard case shell, so than when lit teh light shines through the embedded objects.
Basically decorating candle forms are endless, I have attached below some download instructions of some of the above mentioned techniques.
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1 Mar 2011, 09:16