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Chunk Candles

Chunk Candles are what the name says, made in a mould, they comprise of pieces of coloured wax (Chunks) and they are probably the easiest of candles to make, ideal for beginners to learn their candlemaking craft.
The Chunks can be any colour you want, themed in two or more colours, they can be large chunks or small chunks, regular or irregular, strips, triangles or oblongs, whatever takes your fancy, you can even cutout shapes or precast shapes in chocolate moulds or similar, for instance you can make small roses or leaves, or both and make the roses red and the leaves green and placed in the mould to ensure the external surface will show the rose or leaf pattern.
To make your chunks, simply pour melted coloured parafin wax or wax with stearin, into a shallow dish to a level of say 10mm, such as a waxed food container or baking tray and allow to cool until the wax is soft but not liquid.
Then cut your shapes or chunks, if you wait too long the wax is difficult to cut and does not retain a clean appearance where the knife has been, after cutting, place them on a cooling plate of some description (a dinner plate will do) and allow to cool fully.
Fit a correctly sized waxed wick into your mould and seal it, then you can fill your mould with your chunks or shapes to almost completely full level, but its best within the confines of the mould.
Heat some clear wax or wax with stearin until melted up to say 80 degrees celcius, it needs to be more than just melted and very hot, so when it is poured in the mould the chunks are fused with clear wax to bond the candle correctly and also the cold chunks will immediately draw the heat of the melted wax and aid cooling of the candle, which will set significantly quicker than a poured candle of 100% melted wax.
There you have a simple candle, easily made and in your colour/s of choice, you could even match the colour of the chunk making to match your room decor, and how easy was that, no shrinkage, instant cooling and a candle in no time.