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Container Candles

Container candles have become the most popular candles on the market today, mainly because they can be any size of shape or any material which will hold molten wax, they are also popular because most container candles are scented, and the manufacturing or inclusion of candle perfumes or essential oils, does not damage the container, unlike candles made in rubber moulds, which are not only attacked by the perfumes but are also attacked by using stearin additive.
Todays market is being dominated by Soy wax container candles, which 75% are sold in small round or square glass containers, some with lids, some not, normally in exotic perfumes under the guise of designer or boutique candles ( this raises their prices). 
As we have explained elsewhere on this site Soy Wax has exploded onto the market since 2003, because of its environmentally acceptable qualifications as a green and renewable sourced material, although you still have to confirm that the wax you buy has been sourced from a fair trade renewable source, but this means the art of actual candlemaking has been replaced by just pouring scented wax into a container, and with Soy wax you do not even have the problems associated with shrinkage, and having to top up a candle as it sets, which you would have with paraffin wax.
Soy wax has a higher melting point than paraffin waxes, so tends to burn slower with a smaller flame and understandably it burns for longer time and releases its perfumes over a slower period of time, this makes Soy candles more cost effective, even though you may have to pay a little more for Soy wax or natural wax as it  is quite often referred to.