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Floating Candles

Floating candles area very popular means of decor and come in a immense array of different forms from intricate flowers with individual petals, to just round discs of wax, because wax is lighter than water and floats, but the floating candle must be made in a height to width ratio of 3;1 minimum or else they are prone to collapsing.
They are a number of moulds available for floating candles, the intricate ones generally as singles and the simpler shapes can be found in multi moulds, so can be made in greater numbers more quickly, which is good because the small size of these candles means a much shorter burning time.
One of the essentials in making your own floating candles is the correct wick selection, that is preprimed or is a sealed/coated wick, that will not absorb water if accidently dropped in whilst you are setting your display up.
It is also important that the end of the wick at the base of the floating candle is sealed by dipping in melted or gently heating the base, until a covering of wax covers the wick end or sustainer if used.
Failure to seal this wick will allow water to draw up by capillary action and cause spitting, finally extinguishing the candles when waterlogged.
Finish off your display by floating alongside the lit candles some flower heads or petals, making a splendid display for your dinner party.