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Garden Candles

Garden candles are a must in the summer or for halloween, bonfire night or new years eve, they are also a must for a candle maker, because its the garden candle where all the

old bits and pieces of wax can be used up, all the partly spent, ends of tapers or the bits out of the bottom of a container candle, they all go in the melting pot for garden candles.
When you melt loads of different coloured waxes together, regardless of what colours you started with, the end results are always a pot of what looks like cold weak tea, a insepid pale brown colour.
No problem, because most garden candles are dyed bright yellow, and the strong colour base of yellow pigments will mask that hideous brown sludge you had before.
It also does not matter about what scents were in the odds and ends, because a healthy dose of citronella to ward of the bugs and midges, will mask any lingering gentile perfume the wax had before.
Garden candles can be made in anything, old jam jars are good, or you can buy from a car boot sale, old or used pottery bowl for a few coppers or you can go and buy galvanised tin buckets as shown on the right.
Whatever you use making garden candles is one of the cheapest candles to make, it takes care of all those old bits of wax and leftovers from making other candles, but on a warm dark night produce a astonishing ambience, as you spread your lit jam jars around the garden and patio.