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Moulded Candles

Moulded candles are exactly what the description says, its a candle made in a mould of some description. 

Candle moulds are available in thousands of different shapes and they in turn are made of many materials including rubber, steel, aluminium, plastic,glass and even wooden moulds.
In addition to buying proprietary ready made candle moulds , you can improvise with some conatiners found in the kitchen or the pantry.
There is no end to how much you can improvise the container(mould) as long as you can turn the candle out when completed and cooled.

You do not even have to pour the candle with a wick in it, but can add the wick afterwards by running through with a hot wicking needle, pulling a wick through at the same time.This means you do not drill a hole in mums best pudding basin.
The most common moulded candle are the votive, because it is used for lighting up candle holders, mirrored candle holders or candle bags (luminaries), also it is much used in a votive holder, to provide scents and perfumes to the room.

The votive moulded candle along with a votive holder, is perhaps one of the most economical ways to burn candles, with the candle costing about £0-50 and a glass or metal votive holder from about a £1-00.