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Pour in Pour Out Candles

One of my favourite techniques, often producing spectacular results, with the minimum of extra effort, ideal for haloween candles where you can add that ghostly feel to those caricticure candles, such as the Ghost, works best when you first fill the ghost mould with clear parafin wax or you add stearin for extra surface hardness and slightly more translucent appearance.
Firstly fill the mould with molten wax and allow to cool for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how hot you had made the wax, perhaps submersing the rubber mould in warm water and allowing a skin of say 5 mm to form on the outside. Pour out the melted wax from the middle of the mould and replace with a high contrast colour, such as purple, and allow to fully set, topping up the mould as the wax contracts to give a firm base.
When turned out, the ghost has the appearance of a white veil and you can see the blood inside. This technique works particulary well with rubber moulds of figures such as the ghost, the lovers, christmas tree ( use green for the central colour and get a snow covered tree from the mould).
Also produces spectacular results if a pillar candle or round candle is made in the same method, with whatever colour you like, and then carve or remove sections of the outer layer with scalpel or carving tools, to produce a two tone effect