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Rolled Candles

Rolled Candles are normally made from beeswax sheets, but you can use applique sheets of wax which are thin and flexible to allow cutting out of shapes and molding them to a candle surface.

For Rolled candles you need a length of wick and a flat surface, where you can gently roll the edge of a wax sheet with the wick attched, rolling the edge of the wax sheet continually until you have created a round candle as shown in the image, of about 20mm or 3/4".
If you remove a small angular piece from the sheet of approx 20mm down to nothing, full length across the sheet, at the sheet end, then when you roll the candle, starting from the widest side, the top of the rolled candle will then take on the appearance of a normal tapered candle, rather than a flat surface with the wick sticking out as shown in the picture on the right.
Sheet beeswax is obtainable in dozens of colours and as the photo shows, its even available in bright pink