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Sand Candles

Sand candles are exactly what they say, candles made in sand, Using a fine and clean sand (not builders sand) wax is poured into a mould made from the impression in damp sand. Once the impression is made , pouring a sand candle is pretty much the same as a moulded candle.
All the materials are the same as making a pillar candle, preferably using paraffin wax, because this will create a harder candle, which can be handled without collapsing or going out of the original intended shape.
The objective is for a layer of sand to form on the candle base, which creates the container around the wax, selection of the wick size is important,and it must be sized smaller than the intended overall candle diameter. because you want the candle to burn down and let the outer shell remain, otherwise the candle will melt completely and soon become a  soggy mess of sand and wax.