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Scented Candles

Scented candles are the jewel in the crown of Candlemaking, with so much being achieved with a well scented and fragrant candle, whether for therapeutic or medical purposes using aromatherapy or just your favourite perfumes.
Today the bulk of scented candles on the market can be found in glass jars or tumblers, usually comprising Soy Wax with natural oil additives such as coconut oil, and a 3 to 7% in weight of perfume added, with the leading brands jostling for position as the finest designer candle around, each creating normally a blend of scents added, rather than just one, for instance a mixture of jasmine and rose oils, depending on the ratio, creates a wonderfull aroma, not disimilar to Channel No 5
A candle made in a glass container, hand poured with the scent added as the wax is cooling, achieves a greater spread of scent, and is best left at least a week after pouring to allow the locked in perfume to thoroughly permeate the wax, and therefore when lit create the desired effect or perfuming a room.
Note; It is sometimes better to light a scented candle or even a oil burner in another adjacent room , and allow the odour to come in the and be smelt, rather than creating too strong a scent which your nose, stops you smelling it.
To prove a point we have all walked into a room, where a lady or gent has left the aroma of their perfume or aftershave lingering in the room, but they have gone, and by walking from a room without perfume into a room with perfume is much more readily noticed by our noses.
All of the Norfolk Candle Companies scented candles are now made in natural Soy wax with 5-9% perfumed additives