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Cinnamon Chunk Candles

posted 20 Sep 2011, 09:19 by judith scales   [ updated 20 Sep 2011, 09:57 ]
Our second project will be to create "Cinnamon Chunk" candles , nothing nicer than a christmas candle rustic and smelling gorgeous.
First you must decide what shape you want, either a pillar, or my favourite in a glass bowl type container.
Layout all your materials and tools before you start and set down a clean cutting board , beside your working area, this is to make your chunks on without cutting up the kitchen sides.
Mix your paraffin wax and stearin, approx 1 kg is a good working batch and melt completely, when fully melted, add the some red dye in accordance with the dye instructions to create a reddish brownish wax molten solution, stirring well to mix the dye
Take a Cinnamon concentrated fragrance (or liquid oil if you prefer) and add to the melted and dyed wax , (I like them smelly so I use half a block which is meant to fragrance 3.25kgs of wax) and remove from the heat , stirring continually to ensure the fragrance block has melted and is evenly distributed into thewax.
Pour the molten liquid into a tupperware container, or baking tray , so you have a level of about 10mm and allow to cool, the wax will start to set firstly around the container edges and then on the surface, wait until the wax sheet is fairly solidified, with just a bit of softness and give to it.
If you can, upturn the container or baking tray to allow the warm wax sheet to ease out of the container and lay flat on your cutting board, when out proceed to cut the sheet into strips and then chunks 10mm x 10mm approx.
You will find the wax cuts easily when still soft, but importantly it cuts claenly without leaving white edges, which you get with hardened wax.
You may find it necessary to lift the chunks from the cutting board with a frying spatula, so take care to keep them as square as possible, and leave them to fully set, preferably to the next day.
Prepare a second batch of wax and stearin, but this time you will only need a small amount, say 250 grams and melt as before, but this time add a different red or brown dye to slightly contrast against the chunks made previously, making this wax slightly lighter in shade to the chunk colour.
Take your glass bowl and fill with chunks after fitting your tabbed wick or wicks, ensuring the wicks remain upright and supported, fill the glass so the chunks are slightly high and hicklety pickelty, so create a rustic uneven surface.
Take the second batch of dyed wax to a high temperature , again remove from the heat and add the rest of or part of the fragrance block  and stir well until fully dissolved, and before the wax has cooled very much poured this wax over the chunks in the glass until you can see the liquid point reached for a full glass less 5 or 10mm.
The hot wax will bond together the chunks and set as a single candle, let it cool and harden for a few days or keep until christmas and you have a lovely festive candle simply made. If it looks and smells goods make a few more and give as presents.