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Rolled Beeswax Candles

posted 29 Sep 2011, 08:18 by judith scales
Our third project is one of the easiest and safest way to make candles. Suitable for all ages, but especially for children as no molten wax is involved, only beeswax sheets, a length of appropriate sized wick and a knife, although with youngsters the cutting would best be done by an adult.

Instructions for Rolled Candles

  1. Decide on the finished length of your candle, a standard 16" x 8" sheet, when rolled lengthways has a diameter of just over 1" which is a bit big for tapered candles to fit a standard candlestick, so you need to remove about two inches lengthways.
  2. Use the size of wick the same size as the diameter of your required candle, normally with cast beeswax candles you use one size larger, but because the sheet wax melts much quicker than solid beeswax it will not clog or swamp the wick.
  3. Cut the wick 1/2" longer than the sheet and place it 1/4" in from one edge, if you want to make your candle with a taper top, then you need to remove a angular section from the sheet of wax, at approx 20mm down to nothing across the sheet. 
  4. Carefully turn up the edges of the wax and fold over the wick to enclose the wick full length, starting with the widest part of the sheet if you have opted for a tapered top. 
  5. Gently roll the wick & sheet, ensuring the candle is square. If it gets out of square, simply unroll and start again.Take care whilst rolling that you do not put to much pressure on the candle as it will go out of round. 
  6. The final edge of the sheet can be secured by warming the wax gently and pressing carefully with the fork handle or similar in tow or three places along the candle, so that the edge is moulded into the layer beneath.. Alternatively, a few small spots of wax glue can be used along the length of the edge.

Tips and Ideas.

  • The sheets should be kept at room temperature for at least 24hours before use to ensure the wax is pliable without cracking.
  • Work in a warm room.
  • To make tapered candles, cut the sheet slightly at an angle.
  • Make them in Red and Green for christmas, add to a candlestick and use chritsmas candle rings to further enhance a christmas display