Welcome, to the candle resource & information site of Pastimes Ltd, its almost summer 2018, our tenth year of online selling and 29th year of trading as the "The Norfolk Candle Company", please note this website is for information only to enhance and promote candle making, to visit our webstore follow www.pastimesltd.co.uk.

We have shown on this site, guides, some history on the ancient art of candle making, unpublished aspects of candle making, their use and much more, we do hope you find this site of value and interest, if you have any queries or notice an error please drop us a line to let us know. If you wish to visit our web store direct from the website, we have placed links on each page of this website, which will take you to the Pastimes Ltd Web store

As always, without visitors, we could not continue, and would like to thank our many visitors and customers over the years, our success we believe, is down years of learning our craft, having made thousands of candles for both direct sale or bespoke resale, this experience gives us an unprecedented knowledge of our trade, and allows us to pass some of our knowledge on, we are well known as a serious and established candle company known for actively promoting the art of candle making. 
Unfortunately the internet has given rise to many sellers, portrayed as experts, cashing in on the popularity of home candle making, who often cannot offer the support beginners need, fortunately many of these outlets give up after a couple of years, but it pays to check and shop around before buying your candles or candle making materials.
If you cannot find what you want on this site, please contact us and we shall see if we can help you, especially those just embarking on their venture into candle making, this site includes tips and information of "How To" , "What not to do" and hopefully giving an insight and answering those many questions on how to make your first candle.

During the course of the year we get hundreds of phone calls seeking assistance and thousands of emails, so please be patient if contacting us, if you cannot reach us first time, we normally respond to emails, so this always would be the best way to contact us.


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