Candle Bags

Candle Bags or Luminaries as they are often called are a relatively new and inexpensive way to provide ambience and lighting outside, ideal for Barbecues, Weddings, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Garden parties.
Comprising a fireproofed paper bag with stencilled cutouts , they can be arranged to provide a walkway up to, around and to/from your entertainment area, making it safe for your guests to walk in your garden on dark nights.
These White, Stencil cut  bags come in a variety of patterns, and at night they glow with the colour of the candle flame inside.
At less than a pound for a candle and the bag, they make a very inexpensive, but very dramatic and luxurious effect at your garden functions.
Fit a votive and you will achieve hours of illumination, or just use tealights for shorter durations.
Simply open a bag, fill with a handfull of small gravel or sand or a few stones to keep in place and place a votive inside, if the sand, gravel or soil used for weighting down is dry, then after use the bags can be emptied, flattened out and stored for a future event.
Lighting of the Votive or tealight is much easier if you also obtain a candle lighter to allow you to reach into the bag.(both candle bags and candle lighters are available in our webstore, click on the images to visit the store for candlebags)