Candle Rings

Candle rings come in hundreds of guises and range from the very expensive to very cheap, they can look awfull if cheap, plastic ones are used, but buy a good or reasonable quality candle ring and this will enhance any display, whether its a free standing candle, a taper in  a candle stick or a display of several candles such as advent rings.
I have shown a example to the left, where simple a white taper candle in a brass candle stick, has taken on a completely new look enhancing the candlestick as well as the candle its self. 
You can make your own candle rings from dried fruit, twigs or other floral and flower arranging materials, most of which are available at low cost, but can produce a stunning result.
One of the best aspects of candle rings is you can have one to fit every occasion and season. Christmas candle rings, with holly leaves, pine cones and berries spread the festive spirit in any home. A candle ring with silk autumn leaves, small berry and acorns, defines the autumn coming and the harvesting time.
Spring is defined with rings of brights daffodils and crocus, with whites, yellows and pale greens of springtime, which moves onto the summertime, with rings of sunflowers, bright daisies and berries.
If you like arts and crafts, you will enjoy making your own candle rings. Candle rings, especially those made from natural materials, add warmth and beauty to any space. For this reason, they are used in homes and are a very popular center table option at weddings. Whilst they appear elaborate, in reality, they are fairly easy to put together
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