Candle Sticks

Candle sticks are an essential accessory for every home, allowing all shapes of candles to be displayed or burnt, whether its those dinner taper candles or rolled beeswax candles for every day use or those special decorative pillar candles to be displayed for those special occasions.
Candle sticks come in a variety of materials brass, painted steel, stainless steel, glass, crystal, wood or any other conceivable material that can be fashioned to hold a candle.
Candle sticks can be found as advent rings, which hold four candles, as triple holders and twin holders, in addition to the normal single stand.
The Norfolk Candle company has a good selection in its webstore, which shall be sold singularly or as parts of a display, where we will sell the candles, candlestick, candle rings all as a complete ensemble, in particular we shall present a christmas range of assemblies.
We shall also in time open a Hire page on our webstore and a wedding page, where we shall bring a comprehensive range of table stand and floor standing assemblies and wedding candles.
If you have a specific need or style of candlestick in mind, let us know, or if you want to see the candlesticks in our store, click on the images.