Candles of The World

As promised for some time now, we have finally started to outline our candles from around the world pages, to highlight the extraordinary differences between candle makers, their individual styles, and showing what can be achieved with some wax, wick and imagination and an artistic aptitude.

If you know of a candle maker who produces something different or goes that one step further in their creations, or indeed you want to be considered for a showcase of your own, please send me some details via our contact page, including location, website and whatever detail you know, perhaps you went on holiday and found this small shop of exquisite candles, let us know and we can consider it for the showcases.

Our first showcase comes from sunny cape town in South Africa  look out for future postings, as I travel around the world seeking different candle artisans who stand out from the normality of basic pillar and scented candles manufacturing and offer that something extra special in their work.

Subpages (3): Lithuania Sicily South Africa