South Africa

Nobunto is a South African company, which specialises in hand painted candles and ceramics, situated in the village of Napier in the south western cape.

Nobunto was created out of the ashes of a company in Bredasdorp which had been liquidated in 2010, with people wondering how to put food on the table, Daniel one of the directors of the liquidated
company, created Nobunto.

All the artists are highly skilled and experienced in hand painting candles and ceramics, teamwork is the criteria for the company ,which is developing as many fair trade practises as possible and aiming to create a sustainable future for the workers.

As you can see from the images, they produce the most beautiful hand painted candles and although there is limited access for buying these candles, we are hoping the Norfolk Candle Company may one day be able to supply these in the future from our webstore.

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