Oil Burners

Oil Burners, Wax Melt or Pot Pourri burners, are a common and much used alternative to a scented candle, popular due to the ease of use, you can warm and create fragrances of your choice, with just a few drops of oil or using wax tablets or wax melts as they are commonly called today.  

Oil Burners come in thousands of variations and heights, and are an economical way to fragrance a room with your favourite essential oil, perfume or wax tablets, they are also available as very decorative additionto your room decor.
Shown here is a handmade burner I bought 15 years ago from a craft fair,depicting a small cottage with windows and flowers growing around the door, a wonderful piece of pottery and craft work, for the handsome sum of ten pounds, which has been used 100s and 100s of time over the years, representing a very economical investment.
A benefit of using wax tablets or melts is that The Norfolk Candle Company supplies them in 40 different scents, but with a large proportion of them using essential oils selected for their aromatherapy properties.
The Norfolk candle company tablets are especially made small, so that in smaller burners you can just place one or to tablets, or a few more in the larger burners, and with our product you do not have to cut large tablets of wax, which is inconvenient and can be messy.
If you want to see the selection of oil burners in our webstore click on the image.

NB; When using oil burners ensure your tea light wick is trimmed correctly , otherwise you can overheat the wax, rather than just melting it to release the fragrance in the wax, you could burn the fragrance, which can produce an acrid unpleasant smell.