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Welcome to the Online Store of Pastimes Ltd. 

Prices displayed are what you pay, our business has undergone a change in legal entity and shall from 1st April 2017, operate as Pastimes Ltd, The Norfolk Candle Company , will be an operating trade name under the legal framework of Pastimes Ltd, under which banner we shall be adding further craft and hobby materials/kits to the store. This will allow us in the short term to operate as a Non VAT company and therefore will provide temporary reductions in current pricing 

For first time Customers,  registration occurs during the first purchase, whilst moving to the checkout, thereafter the account is opened, on your next visit just log in with your username and password  and your ready to shop.

For small parcels we use several different couriers, mainly for a trackable delivery, once we have packed your order, delivery time is mostly 2/3 days  or next working day from leaving us, this would be for boxed orders, excluding International Deliveries, where you must select your country of delivery and the delivery method.

Please Note like all online suppliers, an order may be packed and booked out over a weekend, but unless special arrangements have been made, will not be collected/processed by the post office or courier until monday. 

Very small orders are still sent by padded envelope, up to 100g, large letter second class royal mail, generally all orders are normally processed the day after receipt, but on occasions could be processed the same day and even shipped on the same day, so on receipt of your dispatched email notice, small orders should arrive within 3-5 working days.

Please note, all delivery times are after order preparation, not from time of order, we do not work 24/7 (although it sometimes feels like it) so if your in a hurry, please let us know and we shall see if anything can be done to improve delivery.

Please ensure you select the correct shipping rates for your destination and weight, otherwise this will delay your order. eg Do not select Hermes if you live in the States, as your order will not be progressed until satisfactory postage system has been paid for.

We use paypal as our payment platform, this means we do not store your private data and therefore purchasing is far more secure than if we operate other payment gateways, giving 100% compliance with our legal requirement for data protection. 

Stocking can be an issue sometimes, especially with rapid turnover products, because we also sell on other platforms such as amazon, Ebay, Etsy etc, it is difficult to 100% maintain stock levels,  typically we are seasonal trader with huge step up in our sales on the lead up to christmas (Sep-Dec)

We are not Next or Very, nor do we have robotic goods pickers, many customers imagine their order is processed immediately its placed and shipped within hours, this may be true for the internet giants, but like most small online family businesses, thats not possible and can distort ones expectations when buying online, so please allow as much time as possible for receipt of your order.

Should an ordered product be out of stock we will either wait for next stock delivery, ship without that item or if the restocking period is more than two weeks, we may cancel that item and refund, we often pack orders over the evening and weekends , so we do not always send emails to confirm. 

If you need something in a hurry, before you order,  please contact us with your request, to see if we can meet your needs , we try hard to please our customers, but things do go wrong, we are only human, so leave plenty of time for your delivery, especially if its for a special occasion, and a quick email will normally prevent issues becoming a frustration or poor feedback. 
A Phone number has been added to the store, the workshops, still do not have phones, (Our last haven of peace) so you are always better off, contacting us by email , particularly during the run up to christmas , please email, if you need anything or have a query about an order. 

Regards Judith 


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